What others say about SafeBridge

I was able to go to site and witness the installation and get feedback from the installers which was very positive. Installing the mesh was quicker and easier than conventional mesh install as there was no need for drilling into the purlin. They were able to lay roofing in the wind as the blanket is secured between the purlin and is simply ‘kick and roll out’ rather than laying over the purlin and have the wind flap the Anticon all over the place. SafeBridge install is… heaps quicker than laying a roof with spacers. The thermal break tape was easy to install.

Mark Bacak

As chairman of the Metal Roofing Industry Association (QLD), I would like to commend your initiative in developing SafeBridge…As its name implies, it certainly is one of the safest methods in addressing the requirements of BCA Part J. With the roofing industry’s ongoing focus on worker safety, and the dangers of working with heights, I once again commend you for your efforts in addressing and developing a solution for your industry, making the workplace a safe environment.

Derek Andrews – Business Development Manager, ITW Buildex

The SafeBridge system… has overcome problems arising from the increasing thickness requirements of insulation between the roof sheet and purlins. The SafeBridge system has also provided a safer solution for workers installing roof sheets. The SafeBridge system also incorporates a unique method which allows the safety mesh to be installed so that there is no obstruction for the roofers and allows for safer working on the roof. This system also offers a greater level of fall arrest protection than that offered by the current systems, and in my opinion it is a major leap forward in worker safety on commercial roofs.

Jim Ferragamo – State Manager (QLD), Bradford Insulation Group

We and the industry have struggled to find a commercially viable solution to the newest BCA Code (Section J)…..SafeBridge has enabled us to be at the forefront of this solution….safe, cost effective and fully complies with the code. This is an exciting innovation which has taken all stake holders into consideration (during) its development. The product is the right solution.

Richard Gard – Sales Manager (QLD), Metroll Pty Ltd Brisbane

As a roofing contractor for over two decades, news systems come into the workplace all the time The impact of Section J to the roofing industry has brought about significant challenges. I have used the spacer type systems. The Southern Cross project was the first time I have had the opportunity to use the SafeBridge system. The wire pulley system is a viable wire installation method. The insulation laid between the purlins definitely made the job easier because we could see the purlins for the first time. I can see the advantages for using this system on large scale projects.

Wayne Pacey – Roofing Contractor

I have used this system as a comparison with traditional roofing.  The SafeBridge system is far easier in the wiring out with far less labour involved. No measuring out drill holes, pulling heavy wire rolls across purlins and then joining the wire to keep the laps tight.   The insulation fits snugly and working in windier conditions is possible so there is less down time.  Finally the sheets screw to the purlin as manufacturers intended and seeing the purlins makes it far safer to install the roof.

Bevan Judd – 35 years experience

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